Empower our brand with TENCEL™

Empower our brand with TENCEL™

Highlight the authenticity of TENCEL™ branded fibers in our products

Since 1992, Lenzing has nurtured the TENCEL™ brand to become the pioneer and advocate of sustainable fashion and home textiles through innovation and commitment to sustainability, redefining what it means to “feel good”. Lenzing is strict about protecting our trademarks, to ensure that customers and consumers around the world who look for our fibers in products can continue to trust in our brands.


What is TENCEL™ ?

TENCEL™ is a trademark of Lenzing AG, for a brand of cellulosic fibers that are ingredients in fashion and home textile products. It is not a type of fiber or generic material, as only fibers made by Lenzing may be branded as TENCEL™ fibers. To use the TENCEL™ trademark and brand assets, you will need to apply for a license.

Achieving more with a license and correct usage

The TENCEL™ brand enjoys high customer and consumer confidence in ingredient authenticity thanks to a comprehensive verification, certification, and licensing system.

Authentic TENCEL™ fibers can be verified in the value chain through Lenzing testing, which protects customers who properly leverage the TENCEL™ trademark through certification and licensing, while enabling us to detect and enforce against infringements in the market. Our fiber identification technology enables Lenzing to conduct garment and product tests regularly to verify if the end products contain TENCEL™ fibers. Once fake products or trademark infringements are identified, we swiftly take legal action.




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